Baseball Skills Training

Our baseball skills training is top notch. We look at our players with full appreciation that they are different and each have a unique skill set. We use Postural Restoration techniques to screen for any static postural imbalances, ensuring that the player has the ability to make baseball mechanical adjustments without a hitch in the process. 


Our baseball athletes will learn to develop better hitting approaches, make them more successful, relaxed, and improve their overall enjoyment of the game. We give them the ability to slow the game down.  


Prime baseball players are confident, period. Our program takes pride in building athletes that believe in themselves, and are trained to understand the nature of baseball as it relates to success.


We use philosophies in our hitting mechanics that take advantage of the Human Movement System to build higher rates of contact and increase power. ‘Old school’ methods do not work. Hop on the new wave of thinking and improve. 


Take your game to the next level with leading, professional baseball instruction from Tommy Johnson.


Prime5 Hitting Program

Prime5 Pitch/Throw Program



Baseball Skills Training


Our Baseball Skill Training sessions are an hour of intense work with a professional or experienced instructor. You pick the skill (Hitting, catching, throwing, fielding) or combine all to get a total baseball skills session.


Private Session - $103.00 per hour


Semi Private Session $154.00 per hour


Small Group – 3 people $165 per hour


Small Group – 4 people $200 per hour


* 30 minute and 90 minute sessions available upon request


Baseball Skills Training Membership Packages




8 Private Sessions $744 ($93 per session) * Must be used in 90 days


8 Semi Private Sessions $1064 ($133 per session) * Must be used in 90 days 




4 Private Sessions $392 ($98 per session) * Must be used in 45 days


4 Semi Private Sessions $596 ($148 per sessions) * Must be used in 45 days



*Additional information and packages available upon request







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