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“Before finding Tommy Johnson the biggest struggle was aligning my son with someone who not only knows the game at the highest level, but someone who works on the mental aspect of this game. With Tommy Johnson, all goals are possible. His work ethic is unmatched and he expects the same from his boys. This program helps you throw harder, hit farther, run quicker,  breathing control, and handling failure; all the intangibles that make for a complete player.”

Randy Bednar - University of Maryland Baseball Outfielder

"Before working at Prime, my biggest struggle was finding a way to improve my velocity and finding a program that worked for me. Prime helped me figure out what worked and what I needed to do to make sure I kept improving. I now feel more confident in my ability!"

- Jake Heskett - Goldey-Beacom College Pitcher

"Prime Performance is the perfect baseball training facility! It is a very structured environment that has a variety of coached who can help you develop each of your baseball skills. Prime Performance has provided me the development neccessary to give me an opportunity to play D1 baseball!"

- Seif Ingram - Lafayette College Baseball

"After I joined Prime Performance, I quickly realized it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have lost over 160 pounds and all aspects of my health and well-being have changed for the better. With Prime Performance, I get a strong personalized and constantly evolving routine that always challenges me to further conquer my weight loss goals."

-Derek Watson

"Before going to Prime Performance, I debated quitting baseball. I had a bad experience played High School Baseball. I was lead to believe that I didn't have a chance and that I was average. There was a time I felt I was not good enough for next level baseabll, and that caused me to want to quit. I had to rethink my plans with baseball and life. Tommy's program helped me because he believed that I could do it. He was a person to trust since he had been through it. He not only helped physically but mentally as well. He made me believe that I can do it and to not give up. Tommy is not only my trainer, but a great friend. Not only do we talk about baseball skills but we talk about school, family, and health."

- Josh Netterville - College Baseball Player

Joe & Sheldon Soltis

"My name is Sheldon Soltis, I am a 55-year-old male and I used to weigh 321 pounds. My son Joseph is a 17-year-old junior in high school. Joe torn his left ACL in January 2014 and was basically inactive until Oct 2014. It was a complete tear; he also had a small tear in his meniscus. Joe had always played two sports, baseball and basketball. Because of the tear he could not do anything for nine months after he had the surgery to repair the damage. For various reasons we had to delay the surgery until April of 2014.

Joe was completely inactive for seven weeks after the surgery; he then began his physical therapy. He continued the therapy until October 2014, but could not do other physical activities. As he had done his baseball training with Tommy prior to the injury, when he was cleared to begin physical training, we went back to Tommy to get Joe back into playing condition. Joe began the training and I went along, as he needed a ride to and from the facility. After about four weeks of sitting and watching I decided I would be better off working out as I would be at the gym anyway. At the time I weighed 321 pounds. I am close to 6’ 4” and people tell me I carry the weight well, but I know that is not true, plus I needed to be more physically active, not just lose weight.

So from November 2014 to April 2015 I was able to lose 26 pounds. I am still over weight, but the progress is quite apparent I look and feel better and I am told my mood is much better. I also handle stress better. Physical activity is something I no longer avoid; I can play basketball for two hours without an issue.

Tommy made sure when Joe began working he would not injury his knee again. Over time Joe was able to get the strength back and increase his level of activity. Joe lost weight and got back into playing shape and was ready for baseball tryouts in January 2015. He made the varsity team and will tryout for the high school basketball team in the fall.

Tommy not only provided workout training for both Joe and me, he also provided nutritional advice and although Joe and I do not follow it as strictly as we should, it has made a difference in how we look and feel. I give Tommy Johnson and Prime Performance Athlete Training my highest recommendation."




Sue Tsintolas

"Tommy Johnson is the real deal. He began working with my son (then a 12 yr old catcher), who was rejected by numerous travel teams in the area because he wasn’t “good enough.” Coach Johnson worked with him; encouraged and educated him; taught him how to catch; how to train; how to eat; and, how to respect the game of baseball. When he was old enough, Coach Johnson taught him to lift weights correctly, created a personalized weight program for him, and continued to encourage him to reach his goal. Now, five years and lots of sweat later, my son was named to the Perfect Game 2015 Pre-Season All-American Team; is a 3-yr Varsity letter winner; throws a sub-1.9 poptime; is 6’1” and 195lbs of muscle; and, is considered one of the best defensive catchers in the Metropolitan DC area. Last year, he called and caught 350+ innings between April and August without injury, with a 64% caught-stealing average. My son’s dream of playing D1 baseball is getting closer thanks in large part to Tommy Johnson, who always believed my kid was more than “good enough.” His passion for fitness, baseball and his clients is boundless. I have the highest amount of admiration and respect for Tommy Johnson as a professional trainer, educator and mentor. He is the role model we parents search for and rarely find."



Nathan Kessler, Hood College Baseball

"Before finding Prime it was hard for me to tell my self to perform a full body workout. Usually it was just “arm day” or “leg day” and i wasn’t granting myself a full body workout. The biggest frustrations were lifting alone or not having that motivation to do an extra rep or push myself to up the weight.

These struggles showed as I would compete with other athletes at baseball showcases or tryouts. I was strong but comparing myself to the others only lowered my confidence in my play which affected my performance. I felt that before Prime I was getting stronger and healthier but not at the pace as I could if i buckled down and joined Prime Performance.
Prime helped me gain muscle mass and muscular endurance instantly. I was coming off a long term injury and joining Prime brought me up to par faster than if I worked out on my own. This program helped me get back on my feet and put me at the stage of my life where i could compete with other top athletes and out play them. Working with Tommy was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made because he knew exactly what i needed to work on and with his professional baseball history, he had the capability to specialize on certain movements that assisted me overall but also as a baseball player. 
My life today compared to when i was not enrolled in Prime is night and day. Prime has expanded my knowledge on how to gain muscle in a safe way along with exposing me with exercises that i can perform on my own in my colleges weight room. Prime definitely allowed me to become a healthier person and it gave me a sense of comfort knowing whenever i need to workout and get even better during an off season, Prime was always a great and smart option."
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